Harley-Davidson Cams Listing

Selecting cams for a performance project on your Harley-Davidson engine can be a quite a task. Trying to figure out which Manufacturer and which cam to use just gets more confusing. Looking for those subtle differences between different cams can be almost impossible unless you can see the specifications side by side. Here is an opportunity to compare the specs of those cams.

This is one of the most extensive lists of camshafts available for Harley-Davidson Motorcycle engines you will find anywhere. Cams for Twin Cam, EVO, Shovelhead, Sportster and V-Rod model engines are listed here. Cams from most current cams and many obsolete cams are listed. You have the ability to sort the cams by Manufacturer, Cam Model, Duration, Overlap, LSA or Lift.
Now you can see the subtle differences between the cams. Small differences in opening and closing event timing can have dramatic effect on Overlap, but little effect on duration. Notice the cams that have very low lifts at TDC and those that are Emissions compliant. Look at short overlap and cams that are good low/mid range performance cams. The list of these type of relationships could go on a very long time.
For Riders that have Engine Simulation software, this list of cams is invaluable for testing configurations. You can install the cam in the simulation software and test run it to see differences in the power bands. 
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This list of camshafts is Copyright 2009 Stephen Mullen, Oldsmar, FL. It may not be copied or reproduced without permission.

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