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Harley's New Water Cooled Engine?

In the July 2012 Cycle World Magazine there was an article by Kevin Cameron describing a possible future for water cooled Harley-Davidson engines. For those riders that follow the forementioned magazine, they will be familiar with Cameron's enginering analysis and his all to often references to 20-50 year old technology.

Not that you can get away from old technology when dealing with Harley-Davidson engines, but Nightrider was hoping for a lot more from Harely-Davidson in its water cooled project. Riders might be surprised to know how much Nightrider and TuneYourHarley is actually aware of what has been going on at MOCO over the past couple of years in the area water cooled engines. We can show tell and show you a lot more about what H-D has been doing with water cooling.

New online catalog

Nightrider.com is introducing its new online catalog and secure order entry site at sales.NIGHTRIDER.com . The new online catalog expands Nightrider.com's ability to provide its current XiED product line for Harley-Davidson, Buell, Ducati and Victory motorcycles. There are expanded and improved catalog sections for other unique items for your motorcycle.

Ducati XiED now available

Ducati Riders can now richen their closed loop air fuel mixtures with a simple plug-n-play upgrade. We are offering sets of a new version of our XiED(tm) for late model Ducati's using narrow band O2 sensors. Using Nightrider.com's Patented Technology (US Pat. No. 7,805,236), we are able to offer our popular adjustable inline enrichment device for most late model Ducati models. Introductory price for the Ducati XiED(tm) is $69.99

XiED impact on Catalytic Converters

It came to our attention that there were some unsubstantiated comments on some of the Forums that XiED's could cause catalytic converters to 'melt down' and result in a destroyed engine. These are completely fabricated stories that can easily be dismissed because issues as serious as this would have been reported in large numbers on the various Forums. The truth is just the opposite. Riders continue to report positive results when using the XiED and ViED's.

In our usual manner, we decided to present more substantial information how the XiED and ViED's interact with catalytic converters.

Triumph XiED Development Project

Nightrider.com is looking for Riders that are interested developing closed loop AFR enrichment devices for various late model Triumph motorcycles.

Buell ViED Available

The Buell ViED for 2008/2009/2010 bikes using the DDFI-3 ECM are available on www.nightrider.com/parts/

Victory XiED Testing

Victory Testing is complete. Nightrider is now offering an adjustable VIED® product for the Victory line of motorcycles. Go to the http://sales.nightrider.com catalog site for more details. We appreciate the help from the Victory riding community in developing this new product.
Nightrider.com is interested in marketing an XiED® for the Victory motorcycles. We have an updated version of our variable inline enrichment device and made them available for testing on the Victory motorcycles with narrow band oxygen sensors.

2010/2011 02 Sensor Relocation

Riders who have an exhaust system from a 2009 Touring bike and wanted to use it on their 2010>later HD Touring bikes had a problem because of the change in O2 sensors. That problem is now solved.

2010 H-D Touring O2 Sensor Relocation Upgrade

Nightrider has been working on an upgrade for the 2010 Harley Touring bike to allow the use of the OEM 2010 peanut sensor in older, standard size O2 sensor bungs. This kit would effectively allow a rider to relocate the OEM 2010 narrow band O2 sensors using any 2009 or earlier exhaust system that will fit on your Touring bike. I know there is interest in using older style exhaust systems on the 2010 Touring bikes and relocating the O2 sensors on these bikes. This upgrade kit would allow that to happen.

FL-XiED now available for 2009 H-D Touring Bikes

Nightrider.com Performance Products is pleased to announce availability of the FL-XiED for the 2009 H-D Touring bikes. This simple plug-n-play upgrade will richen the closed loop fuel mixture on the fly-by-wire touring bikes from 14.6 to 13.8:1.

XIED for 2009/2010 Touring available in December

Now there is a low cost, simple to install solution for richening the closed loop fuel mixture on the Harley-Davidson Touring bikes with fly-by-wire throttle control. Nightrider.com Performance Products is announcing the introduction of its new FL-XIED for the 2009 and 2010 H-D Touring Bikes.

2009 HD Touring Bike XIED Update Oct-10-2009

The latest round of XIED testing on the 2009 HD Touring Bikes has been showing some positive results. Testing is expected to continue until the end of November with final results published in December 2010.
If results test remain positive, we would be able produce an updated XIED Certified for the 2009 HD Touring Bikes. Keep watching Nightrider.com or this web site for updates.

Harley-Davidson Cams Listing

Selecting cams for a performance project on your Harley-Davidson engine can be a quite a task. Trying to figure out which Manufacturer and which cam to use just gets more confusing. Looking for those subtle differences between different cams can be almost impossible unless you can see the specifications side by side. Here is an opportunity to compare the specs of those cams.

2010 XIED H-D Touring Bike Testing

We are testing 2010 H-D Touring Bikes with the XiED.

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I have put several Polls on the site to help gather information for current and future products. I would appreciate if visitors to this site would participate in these Polls. Information I get is going to be used to develop new products and improve customer service. To take the Polls, simply click the 'Polls' link on the left side of screen.

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